Free Initial Consultation: Bays Law, P.C. believes in providing clients with the initial guidance needed to pursue legal assistance. In doing this we believe in offering our clients with a free initial consultation, regardless of the issues or services involved. Note: consultation is time limited.


Flat Fees: Depending on the nature of your case and the time involved some services may be engaged through a flat fee. This also requires an initial non-refundable retainer fee for processing, filing and setting up your case. Flat fees are usually reserved for routine matters where the cost of the service is a specified amount, regardless of the time or effort involved.


Hourly Rates: Most attorneys charge an hourly rate for most types of legal issues. Our hourly rates are very competitive with other attorneys in the Maricopa County area.

Notice to Potential Clients:

Non-refundable retainers are charged depending on the complexity and difficulty of your case or nature of the service involved, the amount of research time involved, preparation time, use of research tools and extraordinary circumstances of each individual's needs. Bays Law, P.C. is competitive in its fee arrangements with you.